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Here in Barranquilla SEX SHOP I receive daily queries by phone, WhatsApp, social networks, etc., about sex toys from the erotic shop, availability and guidance with some products for adults. Moreover, it is completely normal that some people find out that speaking about this with me is a little bit difficult, so in order that you can feel more comfortable, I leave you a photo of me so you can get to know me.

Do not get scared ?

Stephanie M. Sex Shop

The beautiful girl from Barranquilla who appears in the picture is me. ? My name is Stephanie and with a team of professionals, we have been in charge for several years of SexShop, an erotic shop located in Barranquilla, the capital of the department of Atlántico. Barranquilla is the birthplace of the best party in Colombia, the Carnival of Barranquilla; it is located in the heart of the great Caribbean. We advise and send products in a quickly and discreetly way to the entire Colombian territory with the most innovative erotic products on the market.

Do you want indications to get there?

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Cra 53 #75-87, Local 2-3 Oficina 4, Barranquilla

What is the difference between us and other sex shops?

We are exaggeratedly discreet.

We understand that discretion is the key. With SEX SHOP, you can be sure that your order will arrive in a dark bag or an unmarked box to guarantee full discretion on your purchases. We do not put signs or any logos on our messaging packages so that nobody, not even the messenger, knows what is inside or where you bought.

Store without façade

Many of our clients cannot receive their products at home due to lack of privacy, or even at work. Visit us, our office in Barranquilla is very discreet, we do not have a facade, we are in Cra 53 # 75-87, it is a building called ASAFÍN, you go up to the second floor and look for a glass door with the number 2-3, you go inside and in your left side look for office 4. We wait for you!

Immediate deliveries

Let us know when you need your order and we will be ready to make the delivery, our home service in Barranquilla works until 8pm every day. Delivery times may vary depending on the distance, although we usually take between 45 minutes and one hour.

Multiple payment methods

We want your experience to be the best that is the reason why we accept all payment methods in Colombia.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Online transfer’s App
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Money orders via Efecty, Baloto and Gana


What are the most requested products by the Barranquilleros?

Erotic cosmetics.

The products in this category that are most delivered home in Barranquilla are:

  • Sexual retardants
  • Vaginal Lubricants
  • Multiorgasmic gels

Sexual stimulants

Our customers are increasingly consulting this category, the most requested products are:

  • Female Aphrodisiacs
  • Sex Enhancing Pills
  • Pheromone Extracts

Sex Toys

Every day the number of people who value the importance of an erotic toy in privacy is increasing, these are the most requested:

  • Dildos and Vibrators
  • Chinese balls
  • Penis sleeve extender

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See our SEX SHOP Catalog in Barranquilla with your partner; it will help you to talk about your fantasies, which will further strengthen the bond in privacy.

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